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Vision statement: Growing the church spiritually through prayer and the word of God, transforming membership into discipleship.

Mission Statement: Advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ; through preaching, teaching, evangelism, music, outreach, worshipping and witnessing by way of life style.

Church history:

Bethel Baptist Church was established in 1902, under the leadership of the late Rev. Jones until 1920.  A small group of saints gathered in the home of mother Ella Simmons, the congregation was named, Bethel Baptist Church. From 1920 until 1932 Bethel was led in succession, by Rev. Bryce, Rev. Millan, Rev. T.D. Lee and Rev. oden.

Beginning In 1932, and For 24 years, the congregation was led by the late Rev. Faulcon until his death. During his time of service, additions were made to the church. City of Norfolk acquired the property and relocated the church from princess Anne Road and landing Street to its present location on reservoir Avenue.

in 1957, the late Rev. Jesse Harrington became pastor of the church for 43 years until he retired. by the grace of god and under his leadership, Several great changes were accomplished in the church causing the membership to increase,

in june 2001, Rev. George Henry answered the call as pastor of bethel Baptist Church. under his pastorate god continued to increase church membership, a men's fellowship was organized, and new members class was organized and materialized. a partnership with the food bank implemented, and new deacon's and trustees were appointed.  After the passing of Rev. Henry, God sent another Shepherd  to lead his sheep and to preach his word.

In 2007, Bethel Baptist Church installed Rev. Joseph g. Casper Jr. as its fifth and current pastor.


the Pastors of Bethel "The House of GOD" have been preaching and teaching the WORD of GOD for over 118 years. The growth in the ministry has been a blessing to the congregation, as the atmosphere has been productive for worship. During this transitional period various ministries have been birthed and are at work edifying the body of Christ. As a part of the growing membership, three associate ministers an accountant, new furnishings and a church van was purchased, under pastor Casper's leadership.

Pastor Casper's vision is that the church grow spiritually under his leadership, Bible study continues to increase as members gain understanding wisdom and knowledge of the word of God. Leaders are being empowered and are developing spiritual awareness as With the leaders of the church 1921 two 1931. In the City of Norfolk, Virginia. FOR THE LAST 14 YEARS THE BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH flock HAS BEEN led in worship by PASTOR JOSEPH G. CASPER.  He is an anointed man of God, who preaches and teaches the Word of god through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Pastor Casper and his life partner, First Lady ​Mary J. Casper, BBC's Choir Directress, together with three dynamic Associate ministers an Anointed Minister of music and the bbc choir. Bethel baptist is on fire for god.


join us sundays at 11:00 AM to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of jesus Christ. It's not about bethel though, it's all about jesus. the church continues to:

reach for the mark of the high calling of god called God.   

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