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at the heart of Bethel Baptist church is true worship and service through  ministry. at bethel we worship our lord and savior jesus christ in many  ways utilizing the individual gifts god has given each member. 

Blue Cross
Derek Barnes
First Lady Mary Casper
John  Carter
Clifford Clark
Pastor Joseph G. Caper Jr.
Larry Vass

music ministry

the bbc music ministry features Minister of music, Mr. derek barnes, on the keyboard, Mr. Larry vass on bass guitar, mr. john carter on drums, Mr. clifford clark on saxophone and on occasion  pastor Joseph  casper on lead guitar. these gifted musicians along with the BBc choir and Choir Director, First lady Mary casper, elevate the praise and worship at every opportunity they are given.

BBC Choir

Deacon ministry


the deacon ministry are the pastor's trusted ordained leaders, who  assist the Pastor in leading the church, by supporting his vision. the deacons lead by way of christian lifestyle. they support the pastor in accomplishing the mission of the church through prayer and teaching, encouraging both the pastor and people.

"a deacon must be faithful to his wife and must manage his children and his household well. Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus." 1 timothy 3:12-13 NIV

Deaconess New (2)
Deaconess Barnes and Min

Deaconess Ministry

the deaconess ministry are the pastor's trusted female leaders, who  assist the Pastor and deacons in leading the church, by supporting his vision and mission. the deaconess lead by way of christian lifestyle.  they encourage young women to walk in the light with jesus setting an example they can emulate.

I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon of the church in Cenchreae. I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of his people and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been the benefactor of many people, including me. romans 16:1 NIV

Men's Ministry

the bbc men's ministry meets monthly at Bethel Baptist church. These meetings foster christian fellowship and give men an outlet to discuss   issues that are unique to men. They also help men respond to today's issues in a Christlike manner. There is a camaraderie  gained through these meetings that bring both young and old men Together as they learn to be more Christlike through fellowship.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person jobs another" Proverbs 27:17 NIV

Men's Ministry
women's Ministry

Bethel Baptist church women's ministry is a ministry for Senior, young adult and young ladies. the women ministry is centered on helping all bethel's women live virtuous lives by way of submitting to the infallible word  of god and adhering to the teaching of our lord and savior jesus christ.

Womens Day
Womens Day
Womens Day
Womens Day
Womens Day
Mime ministry


divine creation mime ministry is a ministry for children and young  adults. the ministry offers them an opportunity to praise  god through mime dancing. divine creation has ministered in many different locations around the hampton Roads area. they have been recognized  by the naacp and others for their excellence in ministry. divine creation has been empowering the worship services at Bethel baptist church for over 5 years.  

praise dance ministries


BBC praise dance ministry features two  dance  ministries, the ABC praise dancers and the women of virtue praise Dancers. both ministries have gifted young and adult dancers, who stimulate and elevate the worship service through dance.

Media and sound ministries
Deaconess Donna Hickson

Deaconess Donna Hickson

Media Ministry Leader Director Media Operations

Larry Fuller

Larry Fuller

Sound Ministry Leader

Andrea Betton

Andrea Betton

Media Ministry - Web Tech

Deacon Eric Hickson

Deacon Eric Hickson

Media Ministry - Animation Tech

Angie Fuller

Angie Fuller

Media Ministry - Office

Alvin Branch

Alvin Branch

Sound Ministry

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