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Derek Barnes

Derek Barnes has been in the music ministry for 14 years. He has been anointed by God for ministry. he is a family man. he discovered his gift to play the keyboard by ear as a teenager.  since then He has been tutored under various musicians and directors over his tenure where he has learned the various necessities of choral music. but it is through his relationship with the Lord jesus christ, that three choirs and the music ministry at bethel baptist church are flourishing. he is a leader that believes in the power of prayer and prays consistently. Mr. Barnes through his obedience to god, and spiritual discipline  is dedicated to making the bethel baptist church choirs and its music ministry the best they can be. the music ministry delivers flawless powerful choral selections utilizing a combination of hymns and modern christian musical arrangements. musical praise and worship sessions at bethel Baptist Church Norfolk are a joy to experience.   inspired by the holy spirit, aligned with the word of god , for the people of God, to coincide with the messenger of God! The bethel Baptist church music ministry inspires people to seek a deeper relationship with god. each choir  creates an atmosphere that encourages true praise and worship of the lord jesus christ on any given sunday. Mr. Derek barnes firmly believes and lives by 1 Corinthians 3:6-9. 

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